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When September is over, people across the country are preparing for the most popular seasonal events. Muncie's Children's Museum is hosting its annual Halloween Trick - or Treatment Festival on Saturday, September 9, from 10am to 3pm. There are a variety of ways for trick thieves to visit decoration stations, get sweets and much more. Food, desserts and wine are all available for purchase and you will see the activities of the children as well as the treats and activities for the adults.

The Jacob family orchard in Muncie is a great opportunity for those on a tight budget. White trees will be on sale on Saturday, September 9, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Minnetrista offers events for the whole family, including Discovery Bags, which allow visitors to explore and own an adventure, step into the past and play in Betty's Dollhouse Hut.

This is also a great opportunity for those on a small budget who just want to browse through the diversity of art on display at the museum. The museum is free of charge, although certain collections can only be visited for a fee. Prices are subject to seat availability and start at $10 for adults and $5 for children under 18. To adjust your tickets for another date, please contact the box office at 765 - 288 - 7529.

Muncie informs the media and publishes updates on its Facebook page and on its Twitter account @ MuncieIndy.

Anyone who wants to watch the ceremony from their vehicle can listen to the Muncie Community Schools graduation ceremony live on WLBC. The first show will take place on Sunday, May 1st at 7 pm and will be broadcast synchronously with music from W lbc. Eckstein will oversee the school system and university and will close classes based on the closure of MunCie Community Schools, the city's website says. The City of Mun cie will comply with Indiana State Law and the Indiana Public Schools Code of Conduct.

CVJM staff and participants are asked to stay at home when ill and to stay until symptoms disappear, whether it is flu - such as gastrointestinal illness. Vehicles themselves are encouraged to exercise social detachment and turn down the volume of their radios in accordance with level five guidelines.

The Minnetrista offers a bit of everything, and a great way for couples to enjoy the event on a low budget is to visit the gardens. On the grounds, visitors can visit the George Alexander Ball House, known as Oakhurst, built in 1895 and designed by architect Louis Gibson. You can also visit the grounds, where many sculptures bought by members of the Ball family are displayed outdoors. Ross was filming for WIPB - the local PBS subsidiary in Muncie - which owns the house.

The Broadway musical will travel the country to mark the 30th anniversary of its performance, and will be Muncie's first appearance since the success of the movie starring Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp.

Minnetrista is currently working on a GIS-based map of natural resources municipalities that contains a detailed database of all available plants. Two fireworks, conducted by Fireworks Grucci, will take place on July 4, the day of the independence of the United States of America 244 years ago. Gruccis plans a spectacle of special pyrotechnic displays, including fireworks from the Indiana State Police, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Indiana National Guard and other local and national organizations.

A is dedicated to the collection of artifacts and archive material documenting the history of East Central Indiana. It is a source of information about locally made products and services in the town of Muncie, including local restaurants, shops, restaurants and other local businesses, as well as local arts and crafts.

Common areas and objects are frequently cleaned, including floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, doors and other public areas. This includes the use of ionizers and hospital disinfectants on frequently touched surfaces. The centre is considering setting up additional hand disinfection stations and is currently informing guests with signs that people with cold symptoms must wear a mask when entering the building.

Muncie YMCA frequently cleans public areas and objects, including floors, walls, ceilings, doors and doors, windows, doors and other public areas. Buy photo Muncie Civic Theater takes the threat of coronavirus seriously by updating remediation protocols and changing attendance policies.

The convention center is currently tracking the latest flu pandemic threat, and West said Cornerstone is feeling the effects of the coronavirus. Customers of the facility have not reported any effects from COVID-19, but future events have been canceled, Chris Wittenberg, the Muncie Civic Theater's public relations director, said Tuesday.

As cases continue to rise in Indiana, Muncie events and venues are working to keep guests and employees healthy and safe. The Horizon Convention Center hosted some of the biggest events, including the Rialzo Charity Gala, Indiana State Fair and Indianapolis 500.

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