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The Central Indiana region is thriving, and the diverse housing market offers something for everyone when it comes to building a life in Muncie and Delaware County. Neighborhoods are littered with a variety of options that offer tenants a wide range of housing options, from single-family homes to condominiums and townhouses to apartments and condominiums.

Whether buyers are looking for a family home, condo, townhouse or apartment, they will have a quality selection in Muncie and Delaware County.

If you want to work with these professionals, it is very easy to contact an estate agent in Muncie. Estate agents are very competent and can provide you with all the information you need about properties for sale in MunCie and its surroundings. These professionals are better than any real estate agent because they are experts in their field, as opposed to a "real estate agent" who knows the best offer for rent. NextHome Elite real estate agents are also available to help you find a home in Delaware County and surrounding counties Grant, Madison, Marion and Randolph.

If you look at housing data, the average price of a home in Muncie for each of the communities below is shown.

Muncie reported a median owner cost of $619 for the first quarter of 2016, which is the median cost of a home in the metro area. This gives us an idea of how Yorktown is doing, as shown by the number of houses for sale and the average price of houses in the area. Muncie has a median cost for people who own a home in the Muhlenberg County Metro Area, and shows that the median mortgage ($18,000) is more than twice the national average of just over $12,500. It has an average mortgage rate of 3.5%, or about $1,300 less than the national average, while there is a no mortgage rate of -11%. Mun Cie had the highest median price per square foot in Indiana last year, at $2,743, while there was no mortgage (-18%), according to the Census Bureau.

Also measured by the state of Indiana, the rental rate of 826 in Muncie provides a frequency distribution of home prices in the area and is useful for understanding affordable housing funds. The median property tax paid to the state of Indiana ($1,207) is about three - a quarter of the size of Yorktown, showing that taxes are paid more than the national average of $2,743 per square foot. It is also about 14.4% smaller, but also shows the rental prices and distribution in the area compared to the states in Indiana. These areas pay high median taxes on real estate, $3,826, while the median tax rate in York Town is 1.5%, about $7,000 less than in states like New York and New Jersey.

Muncie has a median home value of $73,500, about $2,000 less than the national average for the same value in the region. The cost of the median owner ($619) is more than twice the median home price in York Town, but the average mortgage cost is just over $1,300, about half that of New York and New Jersey. Muncies shows that it's median mortgage, $836, is less than in most other places in that area, and had the highest median home price in Indiana at $3,826, or $7,200 less, than in other parts of Indianapolis.

If you look only at the last 12 months, Muncy's appreciation rate remains the highest in America, with the most recent annual appreciation rate being 9.89%, above the national average of 8.4%. Compared to Indiana, the data show that the latest annual property valuation rate of 7.5% is the second highest of all states, behind New York City.

Importantly, NeighborhoodScouts exclusive research found that the Muncie housing market has a strong correlation with the highest - valuing the nation's cities - which could signal a positive trend for the state's housing market. The increase in property values in Muncie follows the national average, with an annual property valuation rate of 9.89% over the past 12 months. In Mun Cie, appreciation rates are so high that despite a nationwide downturn in the real estate markets, Mun Cie's real estate continues to grow in value faster than in most municipalities.

Muncie, Indiana, has one of the largest and most diverse housing markets in the state, measured by median home prices, rental prices and property taxes. Municipalities are about three to four quarters as large, with a rental rate of 1.062% compared to the US average. The median property tax ($2,471) is also about one-third higher than the US average, at $1,737.

Muncie has a 50.6% tenant share, the first in the Greater Region, and it has the median gross pension ($722), which is about three-quarters above the US average, at $1,722. MunCie also has a median home value, with a median home price of $2,826, while median earnings (at about $201) are about one-third of the average for the state of Indiana and about two-thirds of the median income for Indiana as a whole. This is illustrated by the number of owners - occupied units per 100,000 inhabitants and the proportion of single-family houses per 1 million inhabitants.

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