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Watching a football game at Indiana University is one of the funniest ways to spend a day on a weekend getaway in Bloomington, Indiana. The Indiana State Capitol, Indiana House of Representatives and Indianabebe are beautiful historic attractions that draw visitors from around the world for romantic weekend getaways to Indiana! At Patoka Lake, an Indiana nurse can book a sunset wine cruise, visit a winery, stay at the lakeside boathouse or stay at a hotel in the historic downtown area. A fantastic place to spend a lakeside vacation away from Indiana is Lake Michigan Hotel and Spa, which houses some of Indiana's most popular restaurants and bars.

If you're planning a Christmas getaway, you can explore the slopes of nearby Paoli Peaks and enjoy some of Indiana's finest views of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or take in the beautiful views from the Indiana State Capitol, Indiana House of Representatives and Indianabebe.

Take a day trip to Salt Creek Ranch for hiking, horseback riding and hay riding, or sample a wine tasting at Anderson Vineyard Winery. Stroll downtown Bloomington on Kirkwood Avenue, stop at shops and restaurants, or rent a charming B-Line Trail to cycle into downtown. Explore the city on the scenic and historic Monon Trail or walk the 3-km Downtown Canal Trail. Head out on the South Shore Brewery Trail and get your breweries up or down, and cycle the delightful downtown B-Line Trail, sample wine tastings at Anderson Winery or stop off at one of the shops or restaurants.

For something more casual, visit the historic Steer, and Fieri is a big fan at the diner. The restaurant is named after the first edition of the Kentucky Derby, which gives him important bonus points as a Kentucky native.

Valparaiso, which should not be confused with its namesake in Chile, is located in the southern part of the state, north of Indianapolis. Inspired by its local artists, Nashville is located on Indiana, which has rolling hills, beautiful scenery and many great restaurants. Although there is more land, small-town charm abounds in Nashville as well as other cities such as Indianapolis and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Where we have data, we have given the minimum and maximum population of a place so that you can get an idea of the number of people per square kilometre of land available for travel. Where data shows there are at least 10,000 people in the city of Muncie, Indiana, where we show you the data.

You can also consult the timetables for individual routes on the map on our Routes and Timetables page. Use the timetable and timetables as an orientation for the time you are at a bus stop and the timetable for each stop.

When you visit Oldenburg, Indiana feels like you are wandering through a charming Indiana wardrobe and ending up in Oldenberg, Germany. German Food - Theme festivals like the Oktoberfest (they say it's the best German festival). Wine eats up and down, but for the rest of the year you can pretend to walk through the city of Germany and explore the historic old castles and explore the historic old town. In order to experience the peak of "Deutschtum," you should plan a visit to the Freudenfest in Oldsburg in summer.

I'm always ready to get in the car with friends and drive somewhere new for a few hours. The last time I was at home, I visited Madison and Bloomington, but I'm always excited for the next trip to Indiana.

I like to book guided tours to get a glimpse of the surroundings and a history lesson before seeing - see - but I love to look at the foliage, especially in autumn. I was on a scenic road trip from Nashville and stopped at Bean Blossom Overlook on State Road. To get in touch with my artistic side, I spent the day hiking in Brown County State Park. If you like mountain biking, Brown County State Park has plenty of hills and canyons to test your skills.

If you need a break for food and drink on the way to Valpo, you can take a trip to Dunedin, Indiana, a small town about an hour north of Muncie. I experienced the beautiful views of Lake Michigan, the Great Lakes and the Indiana State Capitol.

You can rent or take a boat at Shakamak State Park and visit the Great Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and Lake Michigan National Park. For more tips, read our guide to a day trip to Madison, Indiana with the Cali Globetrotter. If you're visiting Madison, make sure you hike to Clifty Falls State Park to see its stunning namesake. This Instagram image was taken in front of the iconic 'Love' sculpture and was the first ever taken.

The Brown County Inn is a comfortable hotel tucked away in an old-fashioned shop frontage, giving a rustic Indiana down feel - a sense of home in the heart of the city. The Showers Inn is a charming historic bed and breakfast located within walking distance of the downtown IU campus.

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